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Build Your Own Cleanse
Choose Your Cleanse (1-3 Days)

Build your own juice cleanse by choosing your own juices 1 day, 2 days or 3 days

Dietary Information


Our Build Your Own Cleanse allows you to either customize a program with purpose or simply select a box of juices to enjoy in addition to your diet. If you are building your own juice cleanse for 1-3 days, we recommend you select 1 bottle from each of our 6 functional categories (Detox, Energize, Cleanse, Glow, Renew, Nourish) for each day of your cleanse to provide a balance of nourishment throughout the day. Let the Build your Own Cleanse help eliminate toxins from your body while fueling you with essential nutrients, vitamins, and minerals each day. Get ready to feel great!

Before the Juice Cleanse

Preparation is the first step to enjoying a great juice cleanse. For the best results and to minimize detox symptoms, we recommend you prepare for your cleanse 2 days in advance by doing the following:

1) Drink More Water
Cleansing helps you to reconnect with your body’s needs. Often dehydration is mistaken for hunger. Add more water to your diet so your cells are properly hydrated and eliminate false hunger. Water also helps transport nutrients through your body so making sure you are hydrated is a great first step in preparing for your juice cleanse.

2) Cut Back on Caffeine
For best results while cleansing, you want to bring your body into a more alkaline state. If you typically enjoy coffee or drink soda, you should definitely wean yourself from these high acidic beverages before your juice cleanse.

3) Eat and Drink More Fruits & Vegetables
Start introducing more fruits and vegetables into your diet now. Aim to include at least a few servings of raw fruits and vegetables starting today. The easiest way? Try a smoothie which is simple, efficient, and quick. Including raw vegetables into your diet will increase your enzyme consumption resulting in better digestion and more energy.

4) Try to Avoid Animal Products
In the 2 days before your Smoothie Factory juice cleanse begins, aim to eat a strictly plant-based diet meaning no meat, eggs, or dairy products. If you typically consume more than 3 servings of animal products per day then try to cut that down 5 days before your juice cleanse. Animal products place a higher demand on your digestive system than plant based foods do. The idea is to ease the burden placed on your digestive system ahead of the juice cleanse that it is ready to kick into high gear once you begin your juice only diet.

5) Eliminate Processed Foods
The sooner you can eliminate processed foods from your diet, the better. If you read the nutrition fact label and can’t pronounce or understand the ingredient, then chances are the product is processed and just adding to your toxic burden.

During Your Juice Cleanse

You will drink six juices each day in place of your meals for 1-3 days depending on the juice cleanse program selected.

1) Lemon is Your Juice Cleansing Friend
Warm water with lemon first thing in the morning is an incredible liver stimulant that begins the cleansing process before you even you have your first sip of juice. Warm lemon water is a ritual that we encourage you to continue post cleanse for continued health.

2) Stay on Schedule with Your Juices
Aim to drink a juice every 2 to 2.5 hours. Trust us. Consistency is key. For some people 6 juices may feel like a lot. However, if you space out your juices over 12 hours, finishing your last juice roughly 2 hours before you fall asleep – your body will thank you. Skipping juices will likely leave you hungry later and may result in your blood sugar crashing. Even if you are not hungry, when it is time for your next consecutive juice, drink up. Below is a typical schedule, however, adjust based on our daily routine.

Juice Cleanse Schedule

3) Sweat it Out
Breaking a sweat is your body’s most efficient method of toxin elimination. Take a brisk walk or spend a few minutes jumping rope to help your body generate heat on a cellular level.

4) Eliminate Waste
It is not uncommon to see a decrease in elimination as your cleanse continues. Less in can equal less out. However, it is important that you pay attention to your body’s signals if you are experiencing detox symptoms like nausea but have not eliminated waste from your intestines, you may need to encourage elimination through a herbal laxative, enema or colonic.

After the Juice Cleanse

1) Take A Moment
Take a moment post juice cleanse and celebrate what it is you have accomplished – for your mind and your body. For each day that you cleansed, you fed your body approximately 2kg of juiced produce nourishing your cells and elevating your wellness. Reflect on how you feel immediately after cleansing and what you want to keep in mind as you move back into eating healthy solid foods.

2) Gradually Introduce Solid Foods
As you integrate solid foods back into your diet, please be mindful that your digestive system has been in a state of complete rest. The first several days, post juice cleanse, should include lots of veggies and fruits. The foods to absolutely avoid after your juice cleanse include red meat, dairy, processed and fried foods. A great way to come off your juice cleanse is with smoothies and slowly easing your way back into eating solid foods again.